About Us

Who We Are ?

First Connect Marketing has an ability to embrace the power of email marketing and have knowledge and attention on the understanding of how email marketing impacts your business that many channels don’t: creating valuable & personal touches – at scale. Email campaigns run with us will hike your sales effectively- it’s the best way to convert & inspire the audience to purchase your services or products.

First Connect Marketing completely integrates email marketing out of other multichannel marketing campaigns, since we understand how viable this medium is for generating raw leads, nurturing them, turning them into customers and maximizing revenue, conclusively winning out over other marketing channels. Email marketing is not just about acquiring the email list & sending a marketing email; our squad will line-up strategies to compile emails for your visitors; we will integrate MailChimp to your website and other platforms to reach a massive audience.

Our vision

To possess the definitive possibility of building customer trust by adding a sense of personality to their brand.

Our Mission

Develop on-the-go conversion rates to deliver a better boosting of optimal numbers that we aim to achieve.

Our Values

We accommodate all our client needs dynamically, which empowers us to develop deeper wisdom.









What Makes Us Different?

Email Marketing is highly recommended as action-oriented marketing. An email receiver can feel actioned to do something when they receive any communication via email, whether it’s about to sign-up, reply, forward, purchase, or click-through.

As a responsible email marketing agency, we have the skills and experience to run successful email campaigns for our potential clients. We are a proven & result-oriented market leader, our techniques and strategies run a successful email campaign that significantly impact your brand image. Our email marketing services include free newsletter template, subscriber lists management, and the summary of the company services which directly sent to a lot via digital email.

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